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Website Maintenance And Updates

Website Maintenance BloemfonteinCongratulations on getting your website designed. It looks professional and all the information about your products and services are listed and up to date. This is not entirely true! Do you honestly think that the information currently on your website will still be accurate and relevant in 3 months time? The answer to this question is simply no.

By maintaining your company's website, you can attract, educate and expand your client base. It's a fact that consumers tend to contact companies via internet or phone when they believe the company is current on their products, services and their industry trends. Thus it's very important to keep you website updated with fresh and interesting content.


What are the benefits of maintaining my website?

  • It ensures that your website is up to date
  • To monitor and repair any operational problems
  • Help increase your position on search engines
  • To sustain your marketing online
  • Business expansion
  • Maintain Company Branding efforts
  • Recurring consumer education on products, services and industry related topics


Updates Allowed Per Month

1 Hour

2 Hours

3 Hours


1 pages per month

Website Maintenance Plan

3 pages per month

Website Maintenance Plan

5 pages per month

Website Maintenance Plan


Website maintenance plans include the following updates:

  • Graphics (pictures and added graphical links/buttons)
  • Text on any page throughout the site.
  • Advertisement - animated GIF's.
  • Trouble shooting for broken or damaged links, images, buttons, or multi media plug-ins.
  • Additional pages off original layout structure.
  • Creating & uploading documents in PDF Files.
  • Monitoring, editing and updating all online forms.
  • Adding and deleting e-mail accounts, if hosting is provided by I LOVE 2.


Website maintenance for a small site may take as little as one hour per month. A large site may be a full-time job to maintain. Whether large or small, a professional website development company such as I LOVE 2 with broad experience can help you get the best from your website. Order your site maintenance plan today.

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