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Email Marketing Mistakes

I gave some good thought before writing this post. However, the reason I decided to continue with it was to educate anyone reading this post and hopefully this company too.

This is not a personal attack towards Z2A Village, but the way this campaign has been executed showed me that they didn't do a lot of homework or perhaps their team lacks the necessary skills to successfully launch an Email Marketing campaign.

Allow to me to point out their errors and show design web Boston you how they could have made content smm facebook this campaign really great.


Web Design VacanciesNo, we don't mean you. We mean the industry. On a weekly basis we receive about two CVs from students or young designers that are looking for a web design job.

And it's with great sadness that we can't employ each and everyone design of them. We'd LOVE 2 but it's just not possible.


The Meaning Of Color UsageDescribing the emotional connections that people may have with colors can be a very "hippy-esque" topic. If you don't believe me, just head over to your favorite online music store and sample some tracks from Colors by Ken Nordine. Although most designers don't rely solely on the supposed meanings, characteristics, and personalities of specific colors, it's still handy to have an understanding of the emotional attributes of some of the main respect the fold color groups.


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