We Develop Company Websites Within Three Days

The Need

We performed thorough market research in Bloemfontein and identified a gigantic gap in the Bloemfontein market regarding businesses and their web presence:

1. The majority of businesses in Bloemfontein don't have ANY web presence
2. Business owners are unaware of the BUZZ of online marketing & social media
3. Business owners couldn't afford the cost to develop a company website
4. The need to have a website ready within one week

The Solution

We heard the cry and we took action. We proudly introduce to you: Designer-On-The-Run
The idea is quite simple, yet so practical that Bloemfontein businesses are loving it.

Day 0

  1. We meet the client and inform them about our online services
  2. We have a brainstorming session and identify their online needs
  3. A proposal is given to the client with the project layout and workflow
  4. Once approved, we start the project

Day 1

  1. The designer will find a designated space in the client's offices. This will be his home for the next three days
  2. The designer will meet the staff and get an overview of how the day-to-day business is run
  3. The designer will work closely with the business owner to gather the required information
  4. The designer will follow the web design procedure

Day 2

  1. The designer will return the next day and present a demo version of the website to the client
  2. The designer will alter the layout and graphics as instructed by the client
  3. The designer will continue to take note of the day-to-day business
  4. The designer will make the final changes to the design

Day 3

  1. The designer will perform SEO & SEM techniques to ensure the website is indexed by the major search engines
  2. The designer will integrate website traffic software (Google Analytics) to track and monitor website activity
  3. The designer will make the website 'live' for potential clients to visit
  4. The designer will provide feedback on the project and inform client of various online marketing strategies

Need a Designer-On-The-Run?

Signup For Our Designer-On-The-Run Service

It really can't get any easier than this. You will have a professional developer in-house for three days desinging your new company website. The developer will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding internet marketing and other related services.

Having the developer in-house will help him to better understand your products/services. So, does your have business need a website ready within 72 hours?

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