Web Design BloemfonteinI LOVE 2 is a web design company located in Bloemfontein. We aim to provide affordable web development solutions for local, national and international businesses. Our main services:

We use the Joomla! platform to design and develop websites. Joomla! is one of the best open source software available. That being said we can offer solutions at very affordable tariffs. Contact us and let us assist you with all your online development needs.

Affordable Email Marketing & Bulk Email SolutionsWe proudly introduce to you Email2Client. Email2Client is the perfect choice for business owners looking to send bulk email campaigns and autoresponders to their leads, contacts and customers.

Not only can you easily create and send your company newsletters, but you can trace every email that gets send. Tracking allows you to monitor what content your clients are reading and helps you to better understand their needs.

Email tracking is only one of many features offered by Email2Client. For more information go to the list of features page to truly appreciate the bulk email service we can offer your business!

Graphic Design BloemfonteinWe provide quality graphic and company logo design solutions. Remember we can't design your website if you don't have a logo! A professional logo can be designed from as little as R800.

Corporate Identity (CI) packages consists of a company logo, business card and letterhead. These packages are designed by a professional graphic designer starting from R1300. It takes roughly 7 days to create a quality company logo - depending on the difficultly of the design and research time.

Visit our graphic design page to get a feel for our quality designs.

Search Engine Optimization BloemfonteinSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the continuous practice of making your website as "attractive" as possible to search engines. The ultimate goal with SEO is to get high placement on major search engines like Google & Yahoo. Remember: Not everyone can be #1 on Google!

If you can manage to get high placement (page ranking) on search engines it means lots of free traffic to your site, which of course in returns means more exposure for your products or services.

We start by selecting quality keywords and perform overall web page optimization and validation. From there we continue to search engine submission which is followed by link popularity checks and linking partners. Last but not least we monitor your website performance via Google Analytics.

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