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Mobile Marketing - Cheap SMS Campaigns

Fact: Many South Africans may never own a PC or laptop with an internet connection. However, mobile phones may overcome this dilemma as 50% of the world's population is already active users of SMS text messaging. Looking at figures like that, it's understandable why so many businesses are investigating the mobile phone as a marketing platform.

And it gets better. Modern mobile phones now have built-in facilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. Suddenly mobile internet allows South Africans to not only connect and engage with one another but also brings exciting opportunities for internet marketers and business owners.

Cheap Mobile Marketing Using SMS

The seven features of mobile marketing:

  • It's personal
  • A mobile phone is always carried with
  • It's always on
  • It has a built-in payment system
  • It's available at the point of creative inspiration
  • Accurate audience measurement is
  • It can capture the social context of media consumption

The Benefits Of SMS Marketing

Cost Effective Marketing

Mobile marketing is a very cost effective way to promote your products/services. With a limit of 160 characters your message can carry a strong call to action.

  • Low cost marketing - From R0.35 per SMS
  • Schedule Campaigns - Send SMS when clients are most likely to be out shopping
  • Targeted Marketing - Filter you database to send targeted SMS to your clients
  • Promote events and specials

Updated CRM System

SMS updates can be an exceptionally helpful tool for CRM (customer relationship management). A great example of this can be found in the travel and booking industry. Airplane and hotel bookings/reservations can be sent to a mobile phone.

These messages could contain vital information like directions to a hotel, flight status and last second changes. SMS can decrease call centre volume, provide updates on an insurance claims or ‘one-time' passwords offered by Online Banking services.

Instant Communication

Cheap Mobile Marketing SolutionsUnlike email marketing where the client needs to in front of their PC and connected to the internet, an SMS is instant and can be access with the push of a button. 160 characters allow you to promote just about anything. Your SMS campaign can be promotional or sales messages, such as special offers in stores or information about upcoming events.

On many phones, a client would need to at least open an SMS messages in order to delete. Another bonus is that clients normally kept their mobile phones with them at all times. This means that your message is likely to be read within minutes after sending your campaign.

Tip: It's a given to market your website URL on printed media (like business cards, flyers, banners etc.), but don't forget to market your mobile website as well (if you have one).
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