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Article 01. What's your plan? - Need a website? Here's where to start.
Times have changed. Business has changed. The way you market your business has changed. And if...
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Article 02. Market forces - Use your website as a marketing tool.
Are you using your website to market your business? If not, you should. Your site is an...
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Article 03. Keep it simple - When it comes to site design, easy does it.
One of the golden rules of website design is: Keep it simple. This applies to your overall...
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Article 04. Smooth sailing - Create a clear navigation scheme.
As you design your site, remember to keep your site structure simple so that users are not...
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Article 05. Tell your story - Help visitors get to know you.
Given the amount of competition on the web, you need to do everything you can to stand out...
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Article 06. In with the new - Keep your content up-to-date.
Getting your site live and launched is only part of the battle. If you want to be successful,...
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Article 07. Getting to know them - Find out who's visiting your site.
Know thy customer. If there's a first commandment of business, this is it. Just dealing with...
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Article 08. Ready, Set, Sell! - Get started in e-commerce.
Businesses are no longer stuck within their physical walls. You can take your products to...
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Article 09. Safety First - Make your site a secure place to visit.
Ok, you're almost done. Your final step in improving your website is making sure your...
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Article 10. A site to be seen - Now that you've built it, make them come.
At the height of the dotcom frenzy, web entrepreneurs copped a phrase from the popular movie...
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Article 11. Call in the pros - When should you hire a web designer?
Let's be honest: not everyone is cut out to spend hours programming or shuffling...
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Article 12. Don't you dare! - 9 disastrous moves to avoid.
Now that you konw the crucial things you can (and should) do to improve and transform your...
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